End of Summer Buyer Slow-Down

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The end of the summer usually brings a slow down of buyers for all of the obvious reasons; The new school year preparation; last week to take a family vacation; The idea of moving in a hot September is too much to handle; and of course the big one Will the prices of homes come down even MORE that they already have?  Of course no one really know the answer to that last question…really! What we do know for certain is that the interest rates are in the 4 percent range and they will not stay there for ever. It takes time to get a pre approval these days because it is much more detailed than in the past. In that amount of time you could lose a point. If you are going to purchase a home in the next few months and wish to have a cozy situated home for Holidays…then now is the time to do so. When no one else is out there and you have your pick of the surplus homes just waiting for the right buyer. This of course will give you buying POWER in your negotiations. Give me a call and let’s get this show on the road! I know the bank owned asset managers are giving larger closing costs to get homes off their books. They realize they do not have the power they had at the beginning of summer.

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As a Realtor I know that Timing is everything in selling or buying a home. If you negotiate at the right time you can close escrow in the lead. Buying a home for most folks is the largest purchase of your life. Having an experienced - ethical - honest Realtor is very important. Call Renee to represent you when are considering your next real estate transaction. Renee Baccaro 01718366 (562) 972-9886. Blog: reneebaccaro.com View all posts by reneebaccaro

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