No good new for middle income home buyers : (

This article below from the WSJ showing that in 2013 only high income buyers  are buying homes and low and moderate.

Low-Income Home Buyers Left Behind

Source: Wall Street Journal
The number of mortgages made to buy homes in 2013 rose 13 percent from 2012 to 3.1 million, but much of the pickup came from those with the highest incomes. The share of loans made to low- and moderate-income buyers fell sharply. In 2013, about 28 percent of loans to buy homes went to such borrowers, versus 33 percent in 2012. The percentage of loans to high-income buyers rose nearly 5 percentage points to 45 percent.

–The WSJ goes on to state that a comple possible reasons for the reluctance may come form the penalties on default loans, or possible that incomes are still stagnant in a great deal of low-income and middle-income households.

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