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2018 Real Estate in Orange County Calif.

reneebaccaro_header_61779_house_heart_web_pageThe world has gone mad! Building going up everywhere…this reminds me of something. Daja Vu from the 1980s! OMG! Thats it. I remember when in Up town whittier the builders were buying up homes only to knock  down 4 or 5 of them to put in “afordable housing” or CONDOS. Only this past couple years 2017- 2018 it has become completly maddening! I get the part that jobs are flurishing in the construction market and that is good. At least that aspect of this mess, is good. But what about the future?  I grew up here in La Habra, went to Sonora high school. Graduated ’77. When life was good…and oh boy do I want it back. SOCAL had a reputation for driving laid back…because we lived-the- life. Well, I am telling you that it is gone. Gone with the invention of the web. Now everone wants what we had. But it’s gone! You can’t have what isn’t there anymore. Irvine builders, the building of plastic looking suburban houses…whats that song? Little boxes…  Little boxes on the hillside, little boxes made of ticky-tacky. Little boxes all the same. There’s a pink one and a green one and a blue one and a yellow one. And they’re all made out of ticky-tacky. And they all look just the same.  

The Great Park…I can’t even find it anymore. There are so so many buildings. Google is there proving thousands of jobs. That is great. I am happy that we have tech jobs. But I remember when it was once just land, a park and lots and lots of trees. People don’t seem to think about the fact that this area of SOCAL is in fact just a desert and if we have a drought, we are all in big trouble! I get it the jobs are here and as long as cities are allowing more building it brings in tax revenue they are going to just let it play out. But I feel like I am the only one screeming “This is not going to end well!”. More grass to water…Where are the parks and family activities going to be? We need to consider the impact all these people coming in is going to have on our schools and neighborhoods, streets of traffic and just standing in line at the grocery store is taking longer and people are not as generous with letting you go ahead of them if you only have two or three items. People are getting more aggitated and upset. Wake up! Remember the study of the rats? As they add more rats the rats become more and more agressive until they start bitting and fighting…not ending well. So I just wanted to bring this to the attention of you all. I hope that the city council members are making decisions that will consider the living situation and it’s impact on all of us for years to come. OC is like LA now only we have newer wider streets. But one day….

Everyone needs a home to live in. The “American Dream”. I really believe in this dream. But at the moment for many hard working people who have saved for years, worked hard and have done very well, they are getting knocked right out of their dream offer again and again. All I can tell them is it has got to stablize soon. Really, it has to stablize pretty soon or our hard working middle class is going to be living in their parents homes or in apartments-renting for a long time to come. Please call your city and go to the meetings to make sure they are considering parks and families. Where are the teen agers going to hang out?

Housing Trends News Letter

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Mortgage Minute: 05.13.11 ~ Renee BAccaro


Happy Friday -13th everyone!

Mortgage Bonds are trading higher, following a consumer inflation reading that essentially met expectations.

Inflation data shows consumer prices are on the rise, but the report met expectations – hence the contradictory response in Bonds… The headline Consumer Price Index came in at 0.4% for the month, which met expectations…however this reading did carry the year-over-year rate to a hotter 3.2% – up sharply from the prior month’s 2.7% reading.  This was the hottest year-over-year headline rate in 2 1/2 years.

Even after stripping out the so-called “transitory” higher costs for energy and food, the Core CPI came in at 0.2%, which was slightly higher than the 0.1% expected.  This brought the year-over-year Core rate to 1.3%, up from last month’s 1.2% reading.  The takeaway here – one of the Fed’s QE2 goals was to create inflation and avoid deflation – it appears that they have been somewhat successful as the risks for deflation have somewhat abated.

The Consumer Sentiment Index was released this morning and reported that consumer sentiment rose to 72.4 vs the 69.5 expected.

The Euro is stronger today as economic growth in the region came in better than expected.

Did you Know?

Friggatriskaidekaphobia? That the official name for “fear of Friday the 13th.” And this is the only day during 2011 when the 13th will fall on Friday.  Historically, Stocks don’t get spooked and tend to move higher on Friday the 13th.  If this plays out, it would hurt Bonds…so go ahead and give your lucky rabbits foot a rub just in case.  🙂

Today’s Base Rates:

Mortgage Product      Rates    APR

30 Year Fixed Conf    4.5%      4.73%

15 Year Fixed Conf    3.75%    4.04%

5/1 Conf ARM            3.125%  3.28%

5/1 Jumbo ARM         4.125%   4.29%

Thought of the Day

To achieve, you must care enough to make the effort but not so much that you’re afraid to fail. The most valuable results are reached by focusing intensely on what you’re doing without attaching your sense of self worth to what you get from it.

Imagine what you could do if you could do without worry. In fact, you can.

Think of how effective you could be if you didn’t have to obsess over how effective you were being. Those who accomplish much, do so by being unconcerned that they might accomplish little.

Have a great day & weekend

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The Power of T.i.m.i.n.g. There is no time like NOW…

The Power of  T.I.M.I.N.G.

There is no time like NOW… to list your home for sale expecting to receive one possibly two strong offers then waiting too long…and being reduced to beg for any offer. If you miss this window of opportunity, well that is just what may happen.

Mistakes some sellers make; The time to plan; getting estimates and then the time to do the actual work can take from 2 to 6 weeks; at this point in the season that will leave you the beginning of summer..  If you want a good price for your home then list it NOW. Let us Show it on the weekends when eager buyers are looking. You may get an offer that you like and not have to do anything! You can also use the work needed as an edge to NEGOTIATE with buyers$3000 carpet & paint allowance. Money you plan on spending anyway can actually help a buyer with the cash for closing costs to buy your home. AND BUYERS ARE LIKE GOLD THESE DAYS. Strategize to give them more to keep them happy and feeling like they are getting the best deal.

 There are a number of short-sales and REO’s that has brought the sale values lower…  Ask yourself if doing all that extra work is worth it? Putting $2000 to $5000 into your home to look nicer, cleaner, brighter… will not yield you a return of… $25,000. $10,000 will not yield you a return of $25,000. Not in this market. Yes, curb appeal is important. Touch up paint to make it look fresh. Some good ol’ labor…or you can create a job for the handyman in your neighborhood.

Do the very minimum…take all the old curtains off – Clean the carpets $150 + wash the windows = clean and bright!  Maintain the yard; mow, trim bushes, weed and water. You can plant flower in the front yard for curb appeal $150 Total =$300.00

Saint Patty’s Day-May- Memorial Day, 4th of July, September – Labor Day – then… it’s all over.

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Real Estate Housing Trends Newletter – Renee Baccaro Realtor 4/15/2011
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How much money should I save for closing costs?

A lot of people ask me the question How much money should I save for Closing Costs? When negotiating an offer on a home, you can ask for a particular amount or percent towards the buyer’s non-recurring closing costs. This may work on a bank owned home best, but depending on the condition of the home and what amount you are offering for the home I like to put in a reasonable amount to help the buyers with their closing costs. For instance: There was a deal for a home for which I wrote the offer at $330,000 with 20% down = $66,000 + 3% closing =$9,900. We wrote in asking for up to 3% toward non-recurring closing costs and after the third offer on this bank owned home in Whittier, CA in relatively bad condition the bank (the seller) agreed to pay the buyers closing costs. This included their title, termite and escrow fees. It came to about $8,500. The buyers still had other closing fees they paid when purchasing a home such as their loan fees and home insurance, home warranty fees, etc. They had more than the amount to cover these closing costs when they made the offer to show strength as buyers. This fact helped them by showing the bank (seller) that they were strong buyers and understood the fact that the home needed repairs and that banks DO NOT MAKE REPAIRS. The buyers were savvy enough to listen and follow my professional experience and direction. It took 3 offers to win the bid but they are now fixing it up and living in the home which recent comparable sales show that they have equity of $120,000. Now, they put in about $70,000 in repairs so minus that from the 120k and they are sitting on some nice equity in a very nice situation. Close of escrow was April of 2010.

Depending on your down payment amount towards a $700,000 mortgage about you would want to have at least 3% which totals $21,000.00. This is only for closing not toward the down payment. A 10% down payment on a $700,000 offer would be $70,000, or 15% totals $105,000.