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2018 Real Estate in Orange County Calif.

reneebaccaro_header_61779_house_heart_web_pageThe world has gone mad! Building going up everywhere…this reminds me of something. Daja Vu from the 1980s! OMG! Thats it. I remember when in Up town whittier the builders were buying up homes only to knock  down 4 or 5 of them to put in “afordable housing” or CONDOS. Only this past couple years 2017- 2018 it has become completly maddening! I get the part that jobs are flurishing in the construction market and that is good. At least that aspect of this mess, is good. But what about the future?  I grew up here in La Habra, went to Sonora high school. Graduated ’77. When life was good…and oh boy do I want it back. SOCAL had a reputation for driving laid back…because we lived-the- life. Well, I am telling you that it is gone. Gone with the invention of the web. Now everone wants what we had. But it’s gone! You can’t have what isn’t there anymore. Irvine builders, the building of plastic looking suburban houses…whats that song? Little boxes…  Little boxes on the hillside, little boxes made of ticky-tacky. Little boxes all the same. There’s a pink one and a green one and a blue one and a yellow one. And they’re all made out of ticky-tacky. And they all look just the same.  

The Great Park…I can’t even find it anymore. There are so so many buildings. Google is there proving thousands of jobs. That is great. I am happy that we have tech jobs. But I remember when it was once just land, a park and lots and lots of trees. People don’t seem to think about the fact that this area of SOCAL is in fact just a desert and if we have a drought, we are all in big trouble! I get it the jobs are here and as long as cities are allowing more building it brings in tax revenue they are going to just let it play out. But I feel like I am the only one screeming “This is not going to end well!”. More grass to water…Where are the parks and family activities going to be? We need to consider the impact all these people coming in is going to have on our schools and neighborhoods, streets of traffic and just standing in line at the grocery store is taking longer and people are not as generous with letting you go ahead of them if you only have two or three items. People are getting more aggitated and upset. Wake up! Remember the study of the rats? As they add more rats the rats become more and more agressive until they start bitting and fighting…not ending well. So I just wanted to bring this to the attention of you all. I hope that the city council members are making decisions that will consider the living situation and it’s impact on all of us for years to come. OC is like LA now only we have newer wider streets. But one day….

Everyone needs a home to live in. The “American Dream”. I really believe in this dream. But at the moment for many hard working people who have saved for years, worked hard and have done very well, they are getting knocked right out of their dream offer again and again. All I can tell them is it has got to stablize soon. Really, it has to stablize pretty soon or our hard working middle class is going to be living in their parents homes or in apartments-renting for a long time to come. Please call your city and go to the meetings to make sure they are considering parks and families. Where are the teen agers going to hang out?

What will the Drought Do To The California Real Estate Market?

2015 home prices

USA Today, states that California is in its third year of intense drought conditions. That article was 9-3-2014. And it is summer, June 10, 2015 today. The country is in its sixteenth year of drought conditions and it’s not looking good…the details in the article by Doyle Rice, of why? is concerning.  Doyle describes a ‘Megadrought” in the article, we have a long way before that is the situation. Right now 58% of our state is declared as in a drought.  Real estate this summer is, again climbing in price, as the average price range is still in the mid 500k.  Prices are up, yes, but inventory is low. What is wrong with this? Well the number of homes on the market has dropped lower, Affordable properties are harder to find, cash buyers are coming out of the wood works, and short sales are rising. This all calculates to crazing California housing market. I believe it will last until people realize that the drought is only going to get worse, not better. People are holding on to their homes longer, knowing their homes will be worth more if they wait to sell. Which, means new buyers have fewer options. It’s the perfect sellers market, making it very difficult for buyers in the 300-400k to find a home. Best case is to find a nice town home/condo and sit on it until the market comes back down, or slows down and allow your income to gain over the next five years or so until you can match the price of homes in SoCal. Now, I still believe that the drought is going to cause a portion of the home owners to leave, because: 1) retirees, can live anywhere, why live in the intense heat when you can move to Oregon or Washington (hint, hint). They’re is a drought there as well. 2) Property is cheap. For $350k you can own acres in our on the outside of Eugene. Or Portland, Salam, Bend (the jewel written as one of the best places in US to live). The property will only go up in those areas because more people will be moving out of California in the coming years. People want homes to raise their children, land to explore in.

No good new for middle income home buyers : (

This article below from the WSJ showing that in 2013 only high income buyers  are buying homes and low and moderate.

Low-Income Home Buyers Left Behind

Source: Wall Street Journal
The number of mortgages made to buy homes in 2013 rose 13 percent from 2012 to 3.1 million, but much of the pickup came from those with the highest incomes. The share of loans made to low- and moderate-income buyers fell sharply. In 2013, about 28 percent of loans to buy homes went to such borrowers, versus 33 percent in 2012. The percentage of loans to high-income buyers rose nearly 5 percentage points to 45 percent.

–The WSJ goes on to state that a comple possible reasons for the reluctance may come form the penalties on default loans, or possible that incomes are still stagnant in a great deal of low-income and middle-income households.

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Cost vs Value to

Biggest Return on Investment for Home-sellers, Say Realtors®

WASHINGTON (January 29, 2013) – Homeowners and those looking to list their homes this spring and want the most return on their investment when it comes to remodeling should consider exterior replacement projects. According to the 2013 Remodeling Cost vs. Value Report, Realtors® rated exterior projects among the most valuable home improvement projects.

We have all heard that ‘curb appeal’ projects offer a greater visual incentive because a home’s exterior is the first thing potential buyers see,” said National Association of Realtors® President Gary Thomas, “Projects such as siding, window and door replacements can recoup more than 70 percent of their cost at resale. Realtors® know what home features are important to buyers in your area and can provide helpful insights when considering remodeling projects.”

2013 Showing a Housing Recovery As Prices Rise



Housing prices are growing stronger, showing their largest yearly gain in nearly two and a half years, according to Clear Capital’s Home Data Index Market Report, which covers housing data through December 2012. 

Year to year home prices gained 4.9 percent nationwide, according to the report. For 2013, home prices are forecasted to increase by 2.1 percent. 

“Overall the housing recovery still shows evidence of pushing ahead,” says Alex Villacorta, director of research and analytics at Clear Capital. “Quarterly home prices mostly mirrored those of last month and suggest that some buyers took pause in the initial winter months. Yet, looking back over 2012, national yearly price gains of 4.9 percent are still strong.” 

Orange County Median Home Prices Up from 2011

On November 15, 2012 we received the 2012 October Stats on Home Sales; What energy is on the housing market right now! …things are loosening up. Perhaps it’s the STARS lining up for 12/21/12? Whatever it is keep it coming! The new loan limit in California is $625,000 for one-unit properties. Sales were up 12.5% Orange county Median price was $558,680 Oct 2012 up from $484,390 Oct 2011. Link: Call or email me for you FREE HOME MARKET VALUE. Renee Baccaro 01718366 (562) 972.9886

Americans are starting to buy homes again!

Realtor Magazine states that the housing market is steadily picking up in price and building. This will lead to more jobs in the housing industry thus boosting the economy.

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